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24 Mar

About Born in the Land of the Tango: A MemoirAbout Identity,Family, and Healing

Jackie Audrey O’Neal explores her cultural roots from the 16th century Basque country witch trials to her Afro-Indian roots. The book delves into identity politics and the author teaches individuals how she integrated her multi-cultural past to make the most out of life.




The Basque Witch Trials: Raised with superstition
 roots, I often speculated how many of our ancestors may have been victimized by these witch hunts, and how the violence of such a historical episode in the Basque region may have influenced my grandmother’s attitudes. I did observe as a child, that my grandmother was quite superstitious, and appeared to have passed these ideas down to my mother. Guizpicoa, my grandmother’s homeland, was in fact, the geographic location of one of the largest witch hunts undertaken by the Spanish Inquisition, later known as the Labourde witch hunts. These witch hunts began in the Basque country surrounding Labourde in 1609, and led by Pierre de Lancre, judge of Bordeaux, in France. Strangely enough, Nostradamus is said to have predicted the events in one of his famous quatrains. Author, Mario Readings noted the Labourde witch trials brought the total of witches investigated by the inquisition to over 7,000.

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