Excerpt: Born in the Land of the Tango

14 Jun

“The Mapuche -Tehuelche belief system is related to a high regard for the natural world. For this reason, the modern indigenous people worldwide

are working in solidarity in their struggles over collective rights to their ancestral territories. They  believe grace is attained by a connection to the

divine family and they believe the divine father and mother God sustains them, as well as the planet. It is a well-documented fact, the Mapuche have spiritual leaders who are

 primarily women and act as a conduit between the natural and supernatural worlds.”

It is truly appalling that even today, after civil rights, and the right to live on ancestral land has been written into law, yet disregarded, native peoples continue to struggle.

Ryan Seelu writing for Indigenous News.org  pointed out, “More than sixty Mapuche families from Panguipulli are banding together to demand compensation for flooding that occurs on their lands each year caused by a nearby hydroelectric dam. The hydroelectric facility was originally built by the Chilean government in the 1950s, but for more than a decade it has been operated by the Italian company, ENEL. The Mapuche admit that their lands cannot be recovered, but are seeking compensation from both the Chilean Government and ENEL for continuous damage to their lands.”

To read the full story, visit: http://indigenousnews.org/2011/06/13/mapuches-in-panguipulli-demand-compensation-for-hydroelectric-dam-flooding/


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