What I learned about myself while writing my book

29 Jul

My book BORN IN THE LAND OF THE TANGO is a memoir and a powerful self-discovery story with many facets. My cultural identity is multi faceted and so the narrative covers a great deal of terrain: from the 16th century Basque witch trials to my Afro-Indian roots.
The question gripped my mind for several years- coming from a diverse ethnic background- who am I? My book evolved into a collection of life stories drawn from my own experiences and research. As I began to delve into the narrative, I discovered my ability to visualize episodes of my life in fine detail. For example, in one of the sections of the book, “The Patagonians,” I sought to discuss the spirituality of the Mapuche Indians. Spiritually, I needed to walk into their world- my grandfather’s world- to appreciate their mystical ideas. I saw myself in a lush forest enjoying the sound of a drum as many voices sent up prayers in the quiet of the sacred space I was in. The mapuche beleive firmly that nothing on this earth, not even a flower, or a rock could exist without the infusion of grace from the Great Spirit. At the same time, they feel a deep inter-connected with their celestial family. I actually had a dream about a medicine man whom I saw in great detail- the contours of his face formed in my inner vision quite clearly. He lead me to newly fallen rain water. Swirling clors embraced me as he spoke to me. It was as if I was initiated into his tribe on the ehteric plane of existence. As a writer, I learned to be open to the messages brought forth from my dream life and gained insight into how to use them as tools for self-discovery.


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