Divine help

14 Sep

I enjoyed “getting into myself” outside the confines of traditional therapy, and I already came to understand my exploration of identity was more of a spiritual quest rather than a psychological problem. Here is an excerpt that details my experience in working with a soul energy healer:

Her words were often metaphorical and contained layers of meaning that pointed me in the direction where I might find healing for my soul. I wanted to know more about the process of
cleansing. She said she envisioned green and blue water flowing and she asked Mother Earth and the Creator to help us. “Divine help is needed in this process and to transmute anything that was released from you during the session,” she said.
“I also called in the sacred violet fl ame to speed
up the transmutation. It was vivid, deep purple/
violet color that carried a special sensation and

I had read in Chinese painting, the color violet
symbolized the harmony of the universe as it is
a combination of red and blue- meaning Yin and
Yang respectively. But now more insight on the
powerful infl uence of the color violet appeared in
my soul energy therapy session.
It signaled I was releasing past feelings of hurt
and victimization, perhaps my ancestors had
endured, and I still carried in my cell memory.
Jimena also focused on my pineal gland during
the healing meditation.

“I took you through your third eye to another
place in the mental realm, and we opened a door
to move forward, crossing a path surrounded by a
garden with beautiful fl owers and many creatures,”
she said.


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