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Family, Multi-cultural, Healing, Identity, Identity politics, African roots, Argentina, indigenous culture


Born in the Land of the Tango: A Memoir about Identity, Family, and Healing

By Jackie A. O’Neal

Publish America

April 2011


Jackie Audrey O’Neal explores her cultural roots from the 16th century Basque country witch trials to her Afro-Indian roots. The book delves into identity politics and the author teaches individuals how she integrated her multi-cultural past to make the most out of life. The collection of life stories is drawn from the author’s experiences and research.

Born in the Land of the Tango: A Memoir about Identity, Family, and Healing”

By Jackie Audrey O’Neal
Price: $19.95


Product Details


ISBN: 978-1-4560-0495-8

# Pages: 90 Pages

Dimensions: 5.5×8.5

Format: Softcover







“Jackie O’Neal’s writing, particularly that which incorporates her background, has a special kind of music. Her images are evocative, finely tuned, and spiritual. She sparkles as writer with great skill and sensitivity.”
                                                      -Elmaz Abinader, author of Children of The Roojme

“O’Neal’s pieces have an edgy quality; they seem driven by a kind of literary nervous energy reflecting a distinctive voice in prose: witty, knowing, surprising- filled with street-wise sauciness and sophistication.”

                                                        – Lucy Rosenthal, author of The Ticket Out

“..prose which is permeated with a lyrical and narrative sensibility ,which is truly unique.”                                                            – Thomas Lux, poet and author of Memory’s Handgrenade (1972), The Glassblower’s Breath (1976), Sunday (1979),Half Promised Land (1986), The Drowned River (1990),Split Horizon (1994),The Blind Swimmer: Selected Early Poems, 1970-1975 (1996),New and Selected Poems, 1975-1995 (1997)
The Street of Clocks (2001),The Cradle Place (2004),God Particles (2008)
“It’s obvious to me that O’Neal is the real deal… a genuine talent that needs very little nurturing. I think you will find yourself impressed with her book as I am. And, well, you should be, for she is the real deal..”
                                                  -Jervey Tervalon,
Novelist in Residence, California State University, Los Angeles, author of  best- seller, Dead Above Ground, Understand This, and All The Trouble You Need

Suggested Interview Questions for Jackie O’Neal

  1. In your book Born in the Land of the Tango: A Memoir about Identity, Family, and Healing, you write about how you integrated your multi-cultural past. Can you clarify why this process was important to you?
  2. Can you talk a little about your ethnicity?
  3. In the 90’s you traveled to your country of origin, Argentina with your son. What did you learn from making the trip?
  4. Did anything unusual happen while you were traveling in Argentina?
  5. What inspired you to write the book?
  6. In your book, you’ve included some guided meditations. Can meditation play a role in healing past hurt?
  7. There are some poems in your book.  How long have you been writing poetry?
  8. What led you to weave poetry into the narrative?  Did it involve any special skill?
  9. What do you hope readers will learn from your book?

10.  Your book features interesting anecdotes related to your family visit. Which anecdotes can you share with the audience?

11. You talk about engaging in a healing therapy called soul energy. What impact did this have on your life?

     12. Why did you decide to undergo soul energy healing?

     13.  In the book, you talk about the influence of your parent’s bigotry. Can you explain for the audience what this was all about?

    14. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from grown up in a multi-cultural family?

    15.  At age 40, you researched your African roots. Can you clarify what you learned from your research?



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