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My indigenous ancestry

3 Apr


The Patagonians


My indigenous ancestry derives via my maternal grandfather, a descendant of the Tehuelche- Mapuche indians. These groups inhabited southwest Argentina for 12,500 years. Scholars have pointed out about 300,000 American Indians were scattered throughout Argentina at the time of the Spanish conquest in the 16th century. My ancestors lived in the province of Chubuut. The  modern Tehuelche Mapuche say man must adapt to nature, not nature to man- as they observe the destruction of planet Earth around them.  Tehuelche-Mapuche spirituality and my grandfather  The Tehuelche-Mapuche hold a reverence for  Mother God, and they refer to her as  Pacha Mama.  My grandfather, as far as I know did not speak  about his spiritual practices, and in fact, he was not  a man of many words. However, due to my native  roots, Mapuche spirituality, although I realize it is diffi cult to capture all the strands of their faith.