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                                  Latin America’s African Roots Explored


(New York, NY)  An article in announced http:/www./ that Black in Latin America, a new four–part series “on the influence of African descent on Latin America”, is the 11th and latest documentary film from renowned Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr.


“I’m impressed with the ideas brought out in the PBS series concerning the African presence in Latin America, as they are in line with content of my newly released book Born in the Land of the Tango: A Memoir About Identity, Family, and Healing. It’s interesting that scholar, Henry Louis Gates Jr. covers six Latin American countries and explores how each country acknowledges or denies their African roots, and how African descended individuals live and are perceived in their native countries.  I’m surprised that Argentina is not one of the countries profiled, and yet it is clear they still categorically tend to deny the African past- despite the presence of many “enlightened” black Argentines,” says author, Jackie O’Neal.


According to Urban   in his new series,  “Professor Gates  sets out on a quest to discover how Latin Americans of African descent live now, and how the countries acknowledge—or deny—their African past; how the fact of race and African ancestry play themselves out in the multicultural worlds of the Caribbean and Latin America”



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