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Information For Media Professionals.

Family History and Genealogy: Jackie always suspected her bloodline included more racial groups than just white-European Argentines as her family had taught. At the age of 41, she researched her African roots and learned valuable lessons about tracing one’s ancestry that transformed her life.

Learning Self-Acceptance: Confronting her parent’s denial about their non-white ancestry became instrumental in launching into research about Jackie’s ancestral roots based in three cultures- African- Mapuche-European. The next step involved a spiritual/therapeutic approach in integrating the uniqueness of her ancestral past and breaking through limitations imposed by a racist society.

Identity Politics: The Basque Witch trials. Family conflict. A vicious war that wiped out the African presence. Persecuted tribal groups and secrets of indigenous spirituality. A modern day shaman who through soul energy therapy, effects healing. Author, Jackie O’Neal is a descendant of these groups and she sought to integrate her multi- cultural past to experience re-birth as a whole person in a society held down by limitations, racism, and division.

Tragic Loss and Grief: After the passing of her son in 2009, a long period of grief followed, and Jackie was not aware fully that the tragic loss represented a sudden trend reversal she would need to confront. Slowly through the process of deep meditation and bereavement counseling she began to discover peace, renewal, and regeneration.


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