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Who I am within

8 May

Who I am within myself

From a metaphysical perspective, my destiny was to be a whole person and to be able to integrate all the cultural groups, I derived from, without shame, denial, or judgment.

Applied metaphysics teaches us the destiny of every individual is determined by what he or she is, and by what he or she does. What any individual is to be or do, is established by those persons, and what reality they are living , thinking , and working for. I was determined to embrace all the diverse ethnic groups I descended from, rather than deny individual parts, in order to gain collective approval from a delusional, racist society, I grew up in.

Source: Born in the Land of the Tango: A Memoir About Identity, Family, and Healing

by Jackie A. O’Neal


Self- acceptance- excerpt

21 Apr

I embraced the way of all peace in order to

rid myself of my horrid indoctrination that led me

to deny parts of my racial ancestry. Instead, I now

embrace and love Mother Africa and am proud to

be one of her children. Dr. Stone taught me the

intrinsic value of having African roots: the joy of

living and being able to experience everyday fully.

I’ve focused my energies outward by attempting

to get this message out to those who are suffering

as a result of denying powerful aspects of their

identity that can actually bring healing. I still have

a photo of my parent’s engagement photo circa

1940. I still cherish it. It is truly incomprehensible

to me how my father was able to deny his ancestral

roots, and know inwardly, there was in fact, no

denying it- it was purely a delusion. Just to look at

his physical characteristics- the tawny skin, curly

hair, muscular physique- all pointed to a nonwhite