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A Spiritual Healer Appears

19 Jul

C.W. Leadbetter wrote: “Most people have no definite theory as to why they are here, nor any certainty to the future that awaits them.” The main problem exists because of a lack of recognition that they are souls and not just physical bodies, and that their development is part of the destiny of cosmic evolution. There was no awareness of these ideas in my upbringing, and so I became spiritually impoverished, not knowing my true destiny. Someone wise once said, “The great secret of secrets is to live your own life in your own world as well as you possibly can.”

As time went on, I found it necessary to work with healer, and spiritual teacher, Jimena Yantorno. Jimena pointed out to me that as a healer, she prepares the mind and body for healing, while it is one’s own universal consciousness that undertakes the actual healing process.

After the passing of my son in 2009, a long period of grief followed, which continues, and I was not aware fully that the tragic loss represented a sudden trend reversal I would need to confront. New ideas would soon be showing themselves as intuitive guidance as to what changes I would need to make in my life for the betterment of my soul. Slowly through the process of deep meditation each day I began to discover peace, renewal, and regeneration. I had a long talk with Jimena related to her practice of soul energy dynamics. I personally knew little about such holistic modalities, but was eager to learn, after all, I was starting to feel my soul depended on it. I wanted to know in all of her experience with soul energy which insights riveted her imagination the most. “Seeing how limited we have become in our thinking, and that we are actually more afraid of the light than of darkness,” she said. As I was newly discovering the value of having a soul energy session for the purpose of healing, I had the sense there had to exist a great deal of skepticism about its effectiveness versus traditional methods such as psychotherapy. So I asked Jimena to explain some of the common misconceptions about soul energy.. “All misconceptions about any type of energy therapy normally come from the fear some religions have created around it. So the most common misconception would be the belief that the soul energy practice is taboo, and even sinful.”

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