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Self- acceptance- excerpt

21 Apr

I embraced the way of all peace in order to

rid myself of my horrid indoctrination that led me

to deny parts of my racial ancestry. Instead, I now

embrace and love Mother Africa and am proud to

be one of her children. Dr. Stone taught me the

intrinsic value of having African roots: the joy of

living and being able to experience everyday fully.

I’ve focused my energies outward by attempting

to get this message out to those who are suffering

as a result of denying powerful aspects of their

identity that can actually bring healing. I still have

a photo of my parent’s engagement photo circa

1940. I still cherish it. It is truly incomprehensible

to me how my father was able to deny his ancestral

roots, and know inwardly, there was in fact, no

denying it- it was purely a delusion. Just to look at

his physical characteristics- the tawny skin, curly

hair, muscular physique- all pointed to a nonwhite